Tuesday, April 24, 2007

it's a crapshoot

well, with the first round out of the way and the flames out of the running, i can take the time to reflect on more than just how shitty they were playing (does anyone else realize that the flames only won two of the last ten games ???).

one thing that never ceases to amuse me is tsn's maggie the monkey, and her pre-series "selections," which she does by spinning a wheel with segments that alternate between the two contesting teams. her claim to fame was that she rode the mighty ducks from round one all the way to the finals in 03. this year, she's 4/8, which is only slightly worse than jeremy roenick's 6/8.

as for the remaining series, here are my (quick) thoughts:


(1) Detroit vs (5) San Jose
this one's too tight to call, but i cannot wait to see game action. i will say SJ, purely based on goaltending. let's just say that calgary shouldn't have scored so many goals on so few shots.... SJ in 7

(2) Anaheim vs (3) Vancouver
vancouver in 5. partly because i think luongo is stronger than bryzgalov AND giguere, but mostly because i can't effin' stand pronger. (which, in hindsight, is probably why the ducks will meet alfredsson & the sens in the finals). in my books, there is no science in hockey.


(1) Buffalo vs (6) NY Rangers
this is the series to watch. buffalo should, by all accounts, walk all over the blueshirts, but i don't think it's gonna be that easy. jagr seems to want to play and has a very competent cast of characters around him, one of whom is henrik lundqvist. if this guy is on his game, i think he's better than miller... NYR in 6

(2) New Jersey vs (4) Ottawa
i simply don't think NJ has the firepower to out-score the sens. emery, somehow, looks a little sharper than brodeur. and the amount i hate alfredsson is almost balanced with the amount i love spezz. sens in 5.

with the amount of time i spent agonizing over the flames in the past few months, i have to admit i'm a little out of the loop on the rest of the league. my hockey pool is totally out of reach, now, as i made some errant picks... i just can't wait to see if i'd be more accurate in my series picks if i spun a wheel like a monkey....


Steal Thunder said...

I'm thinking that William doesn't like hockey as much as he said he did...

Anonymous said...

There is no science to hockey pools in my book ... After finishing fifth of 50 in the regular season, the playoff pool starts, and although I went 8 for 8 in picking winners, I'm sitting 40th of 45 because my guys just aren't scoring. Frustrating. The Red Mile went out with a whimper for sure ... And who knows what will come of Flames Central. Next year's team should have a decidingly different look to it I imagine. Quick question ... Roman or Brad? Can't see them both staying, and my first instinct is Brad, but his value might be a little inflated right now too.


walkinvisible said...

pretty sure brad doesn't wanna stay, so i'd pick roman. except for the fact that roman might be the most inconsistant guy on the team... if he played his good side for 60 mins/ game, he'd be elite in the league.

flames central's gonna do fine. i know cause i'm gonna be there all the fucking time....

ST: lol. SO true...

HG said...

If Roman left, Dion's going to need a loooooooooooooooooooooooot of help and it makes me a little scared to know how crappy he played when #4 was out.