Thursday, April 5, 2007

flames v. sharks: pregame

here's the thing. i've been busy, okay ?

the flames enter the sharktank tonight in hopes of finally locking in the 8th playoff spot in the west (it hurts me enough that we're fighting for the LAST SPOT). i, myself, am not convinced this will be an easy task --partly because the sharks are a damn good team, and partly because i am a true believer in murphy and his f*&$#'in law.

on my birthday, december 21 (the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year), the flames were scheduled to play a game in denver. a game that, at the time, didn't really seem that important. due to a massive snowstorm that grounded flights and closed businesses, the game was cancelled. even though calgary was in town and ready to play, the powers that be decided it would be unsafe for the fans to make their way to the rink. so they re-scheduled for april.... who would have known that the playoff hopes of both teams might come down to this game ???

sure, if we win tonight, it doesn't matter. sure if we can lay the smack down on the greasers on HNIC, it doesn't matter either. and if the 'nucks or the preds can pull it together and kick colorado where it hurts, then it doesn't matter ad infinitum.

fingers crossed...

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