Tuesday, April 3, 2007

flames v. avs: post game

we lost.

and playfair's suit looked good, even.

so it's like this: i'm pretty sure the flames have never lost when i've attended at the 'sheaf. which means i'm gonna pull hard for a sunday night game there. shoeless joe's was alright --they didn't put the game on till after the leafs won in OT, but they DID leave the sound on for the duration of the flames heinous loss to the 'lanche. it's a tossup. but it WAS seriously good to meet duncan and ST, and to eat wings and drink beer.

as for the flames ? they looked average at best. they were winning till we started watching (first period lost to the toronto games: hockey and basketball). sooooo.... i'll put a call into the wheasheaf to see if they'll hook us up right.


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HG said...

Alright, you find out and let me know. I'm good for either on Sunday.