Thursday, April 26, 2007


back in september, i ducked into the chill of the saddledome to check out the rookies at camp. at the end of my evaluations, i handed out "awards" in a post on my regular blogsite, that indirectly led me to starting this one... the first annual "dreamcrusher" award was given to david moss, who (at 24) was one of the oldest on the ice and appeared to have no shot whatsoever to crack the big team.

i've said it once and i'll say it again a thousand times. i was wrong.

although, by the end of the season, i think he looked alot like the guy whos roster spot he took (kobasew), he started out his big-league career really well --scoring some seriously timely goals. i do believe he fell victim to playfair's line juggling.... but that's neither here nor there. the POINT is that my initial impression of the young #58 was not, in fact, out of line. he did actually suck at camp:

"David didn't have a good training camp and didn't make our team. Within a couple of months he was back here and earned the right to be here," said darryl sutter yesterday.

so there. i'm right again.
(though ooohhh sooooo wrong on the rangers & vancouver series.....)

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