Thursday, April 12, 2007

sometimes, i hate being right...

i will not gloat for being 100% accurate on my previous post:

1. kipper is gonna have a really hard time dealing with bertuzzi, if he's healthy.
no bertuzzi, sure. but enough traffic in front of kipps to be problematic.

2. if regehr is hurt, i think we will have alot of trouble containing their offense (everyone talks about datsyuk & zetterberg, but their secondary scorers --guys like robert lang-- can be absolutely lethal as well).
lang gets an assist on the second goal. the franzen line scores the first. neither z'berg nor datsyuk on the ice for either... but clearly we had trouble containing absolutely anything that moved (how bout that second period giveaway on our blueline by amonte, who had no business pretending to be huselius ?). 46 shots in regulation is absolutely unacceptable by any team, ever, in the playoffs. PERIOD.

3. the wings have seven swedes on their active roster. that's seven huseliai. seven loobs. seven forsbergs... watchout for the finesse plays (YOU GOT THAT, ZYUZIN !!??).
finesse plays all over the place. pretty passes. sweet moves. lidstrom. holmstrom. franzen. you can't get away from these guys in the motor city. they're everywhere...

i have a bad feeling that our phaneuf/hamrlik, stuart/warrener, hale/zyuzin combos will get drastically outplayed in game one.
right combos. but clearly no further commentary necessary on that one.

we looked horrible in the first. worse in the 2nd. showed some life in the third that led to a big 5-on 3, with both dion and giggles laying some smack down on z'berg. i cannot believe nobody actually fought (though i'm not suggesting godard gets ice in game 2, i think preems might need some stitches). kipper looked solid. really. 4 goals on a hellofalotta shots.

game 2 suggestions:

1. two words: regehr. friesen. 'nuff said.

2. is it too late to fire playfair ? (if no, is it too late to find playfair a new FUCKING SUIT ???!?!???!)

3. uhhhhh, scoring a goal might be a good idea [editor's note: i wrote this post midway thru the 3rd, pre-goal].

i would have to check the stats but i think we're officially on a 5 game losing streak. so, i'm only slightly hopeful that we can pull out a win at the joe louis.

(is it REALLLY too late to fire playfair ???)


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