Saturday, April 7, 2007

flames v. greasers: postgame (aka:i've been duped)

okay. so. i met HG and duncan at the wheatsheaf tonight, only to find out that the 'sheaf ain't open tomorrow fpr the festivities.... which obviously upsets me, but i'll deal with it...

so we're up by one midway thru the second when we check the score of the nashville/colorado game: and the preds have won it 4-2, thereby eliminating the avs from playoff contention (and i high-five my table-mates over beer and nachos)...

the 'sheaf is not open on easter sunday. fingers crossed that we can still watch the game at the non-descript shoeless joe's. MG is still in my head saying "if we can't beat the oilers, we shouldn't be in the playoffs" or the like...

the flames did not look great this 'eve. i am not a fan of benching friesen; one of the few flames to look good even strength and on the PK. additionally, i thought my boy amonte looked best bleeding, and not on the goal or assist that he scored in the earlier eve. he's still my favorite, though. watchout.

i had some fun, i ate some nachos (and some onions), and drank some beer.
can't wait to see u guys tomorrow.

still in disbelief that we didn't beat the greasers;


HG said...

(and some onions)


Kent W. said...

They mailed it in once they heard Colorado was done. Not sure what that says about the character of this team, frankly.

Oh well. On to the real stuff.