Sunday, April 8, 2007

seperated at birth: re-post

since i spent so long on this one, and nobody seems to remember it, i'll post it again.

go FLAMES go !!!

henrik lundqvist (NYR) & jc chasez (n*sync)

mark giordano (CGY) & mr. bean

richard zednik (MTL) & daniel craig (007)
[this one's a stretch, i know...]

lundqvist & jc again...

fire marshall bill & mats sundin (TOR)... yeahhhhh.....

and then there's the ones that i absolutely ADORE that were published in the hockey news:

mike commodore (CAR) and ronald mcdonald


MacS said...

You know, the Heatley one is almost too easy.

Kent W. said...

Sundin is just scary ugly.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... A Zed/Daniel Craig sandwich... Just one 24 hour session with that team--and I can die happy!!!! It's a DP dream!

walkinvisible said...

uhh... no wonder you posted that under anonymous, duncan.... haha just kidding (but i know you'll read this and nobody else will).