Sunday, April 15, 2007

is it too late to fire playfair NOW ???

update: the answer to my question, according to bob mckenzie in an article on today, is NO. " if I were general manager Darryl Sutter and the Flames' ownership, I would look long and hard at replacing Jim Playfair going into Game 3.
Is it dramatic? Absolutely."
check it out for yourself

i'm shooting nights right now, but i still woke up today after 4 hours of sleep to watch my team stink out the joe louis (again). this, my friends, is dedication. unfortunately, in this case, it seems to be the fans (ie: me) & not the team (ie: the so-called-calgary flames) with the passion for the game...

we came flyin' outta the gates with maybe a little TOO much heart, leading to 5 penalties in the first 9 minutes. by then we're two goals down, and what's a guy like jimmy canaryshirt gonna do ??? well, the same things that led to innumerable regular season losses, of course !!

a guideline on how to coach a stacked team into oblivion goes as follows:

as i predicted yesterday, regehr's return to the lineup was momentarily beneficial. but then when a mediocre check put him back on the IR, we were faced with more icetime for the 5/6 pair. this extra pressure led to nervous jimmy shuffling his pairings (look at the shift chart, it's wickedly amusing) and inevitably to two bad penalties by hale in the last 5 minutes. if gio doesn't play game 3, i will wish for the bright sparkly finger jewels to be bestowed on the rangers (islanders ?)...

put amonte on the ice for the last shift of the game, of course.

- it is undenyably obvious that the wings were watching tape on not only jarome, but huselius, langkow and lombardi as well. when juice touches the puck, he's immediately surrounded by redshirts that close both his passing lanes and available ice to make juice-y moves. langkow and lombo can't pick up any speed before getting decked. we needed a new game plan for today, and clearly didn't find one.

i can't even elaborate further, it makes me too fucking angry. if any member of the organization read any of the flames blogs online, they would realize that they are doing it all wrong. and how can they just keep on doing the same exact things they keep on doing ???

poor avalanche. if colorado was playing, i bet this series would be 2-0 the other way...


Anonymous said...

reggie shouldn't have played, period. gio's gotta be in there. i was holding my breath, but not anymore. this sucks.

MacS said...

Nice find on the McKenzie article.

Kent W. said...

"Willian Likes Hockey" gets TWO links?

How do the rest of us go about becoming so special??

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