Tuesday, April 3, 2007

flames v. avs: pre-pregame (aka: cancel the parade)

i hate the flames.

okay, it's not true. i love them with a passion that's probably unhealthy. but i hate whoever is in charge of their television schedule. there will be no beer, no wings, no tickertape parade for mathematically eliminating the avs tonight (or, possibly, angered outbursts if we lose). the game is, unfortunatelly, on pay-per-view.
["unfortunatelly" was a typo, but DAMN if it ain't funny!]

i watch a lot of matches at the wheatsheaf, cause they are able (and willing) to get sportsnet west; the network that most of the televised flames games are on. yesterday, when i checked to see if tonight's game was on the teev, i forgot to see which channel. and i'll be darned today (when checking the status of SUNDAY's game for my pal HG) when i noticed that both games vs. the avalanche [ie: the last two really good matchups of the year] are on PPV.

i will probably still head down to the 'sheaf, tail between my legs, to watch the leafs try to beat scottie upshall and the flyers. just because i like wings. and beer... and i've invited everyone i know.... and i might stick around to watch the gaaad-daaaamn intermittent highlights before going home to listen to peter maher call the 3rd.

today sucks, allofasudden.

who's in for saturday ?

******UPDATE: the PPV edumacation site mentions that in ontario, the game MIGHT be televised on centre ice. i doubt most bars will have this, since 98% of leafs games are televised on the regular networks. but i'll try... mostly because i have a shizeload of work to do today...*****

***********UPDATE: the wheatsheaf guy has no idea if they have centre ice. but they have "the package with all the games". i will call back after 3 to talk to the owner, who loves me. :) ********

****************UPDATE: shoeless joe's at king and dufferin says they've got it. channel 462. if the 'sheaf doesn't work out, that's my new plan, i don't even care how much or how shitty their wings are....******************


Steal Thunder said...

Wait, so Sunday's game won't be on at the Wheat Sheaf either?


Kent W. said...

Ahh, the benefit of being Calgary based. As Im sure you're aware, almost all the bars and pubs in town will pony up the dough for the PPV games.

Steal Thunder said...

Yeah, yeah... rub it in... :P

You're just jealous 'cause you're alone out there... ;D

walkinvisible said...

MG's not alone. he's got kyle (who is noticeably absent from all this social talk... ie: kyle's a hermit).


Steal Thunder said...

If the plan for tonight changes from Shoeless, just give me a call on my cell and leave a message (as I'll probably be at hockey or on the subway)...