Wednesday, April 4, 2007

flames v. avs: post game cont'd

i've been pretty busy at work today, but not too busy to think about this:

when the flames were losing pretty much every other game a few weeks back (before sutter laid the smack down on the lockerroom), i was calling for playfair's head. there was about 10 games to go, and i was not-so-silently wondering if it was too late to pull the plug on the guy's job, and salvage some serious playoff wins with heir sutter behind the bench.

apparently it WASN'T too late (read: claude julien). and apparently all the things playfair was doing then, he did again last night. like putting tony amonte out for way too many minutes at inopportune times. like shuffling lines with far too much frequency [last night we all questioned the re-insertion of david moss into a team that was winning like it was going out of style].

i dunno, man. i guess maybe it's me being the pessimist, but i am certainly not 100% convinced we've got the 8th spot in the bag. SJ is a solid team, and it seems if the avs had sucked it up and pulled it together one week earlier, we'd be in a different place right now... and what scares me the most is that NONE of our last 3 matches are in any way "in the bag." think about it... edmonton HATES calgary. wouldn't they just love to come out guns a-blazing for one last shot at ruining our entire season ?

i truly hope that when we all get together on sunday (i'm still thinking we might be able to pull off some wheat sheaf action) it is for good times beer drinking and wing eating, with our favorite team on the telly --not a "oh my god i'm gonna have a heart attack, down by a goal with one minute left, kipper on the bench and amonte skating one last shift in a flaming C."

[come onnnn... you EXPECT it from me !!!!]


Anonymous said...

Today, my friend the Oilers fan told me he's really hoping the Flames lose to San Jose, and Colorado beats Vancouver, so Edmonton-Calgary on Saturday means something to the Oilers. I hadn't thought of it that way and, to be frank, I'm kind of frightened right now.

Kent W. said...

if Calgary can't beat Edmonton at home, they don't deserve to be in the play-offs. The Oilers are currently the worst team in the league by a good margin.