Tuesday, June 30, 2009

best D in the league, bar none

as of this very moment, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to explain to me how the current flames' defensive corps is second to any other team in the league.... it'll be interesting to see the pairings but it looks like sarich is the only guy who shoots right....

will he be paired with regehr to form the ultimate nhl tunnel of doom ?
will he be paired with dion to remind the kid how to man the blueline ?

what an embarassment of riches.

in other news, i guess we now know why sutter turfed vandy in the past few days: so jaybouw could take his rightful jersey #4.

also, i'm feeling rather confident that gio's high value, low cost contract (cap hit of $892K) is a keeper, which obviously makes me a pretty happy little lady this afternoon.

now. who's gonna be the odd man out ?
lookin' a little thin up front, methinks.


Goad said...

Wow... I have to eat a lotta crow on this one.

Never did I imagine JBo would sign before free agency started. I stand corrected and I have to admit that Cowtown's D is looking downright dominant.

Grats on the signing and enjoy your day in the sun.

Kent W. said...

Sutter must threaten players families or something when it comes to signing contracts. I think the only guy he's liked and has refused to stay is Brad Stuart (and thank god for that).

walkinvisible said...

well congratulations to you and yours, goad, for re-signing the twins. i look forward to sending them down the NEW tunnel of doom (regehr/bouwmeester) next season....

x !

Markowsky said...

What good will a good D be if we get rid of Cam? Igy can't score all the goals. Are we going to play the trap all season, and win every game 1-0? Gee, this sounds exciting...

Goad said...

No celebrations here.

It's a black day when my mancrush packs up and moves off to Tampa for the giant cash-in of $250,000 per year.

I can only hope he will mentor Hedman in his rookie year and that they will make a great tandem.

walkinvisible said...

goad: i offered my condolences over on fb, as i thought it would be more immediate.

markowsky: sutter is not done. i just hope he takes his time and deals the right player FOR the right player. someone made a good point yesterday that starting the season with who we've got (giving backlund and greentree ample opportunity to step up and show us how it's done) makes some sense. then there's still ten months to deal a sarich or a phaneuf (if need be) to gain some capspace and some offensive prowess.