Tuesday, June 30, 2009

june 30th discomfort

i'm not a happy kid today, but i will tell you this:

if we don't manage to sign EITHER of pardy or jaybouw, my gio jersey is lookin' miiighty good for this season.... ;)

i'm actually getting a little nervous; not about bouwmeester (who i think will test the free agent market but may still end up signing with the flames), but about adam pardy who will probably go to the richest suitor. i'm starting to think that, less than 24 hours away from being an unrestricted player, pardy would be stupid to sign for the pennies/term that darryl is most certainly offering at this point.

here's to hoping i'm entirely wrong....

the other interesting rumour is phaneuf-for-heatley, currently circulating around sports networks, blogs, and watercoolers alike. i'm not sure that daz has given up on his prize thoroughbred, but it wouldn't entirely shock me, either. i'm certain that coming to terms with bouwmeester would precede the departure of our #3, but i wouldn't necessarily dub it impossible.... heatley would sure look good in a flames jersey, but there would most definitely have to be a big contract moved to make way, with dion being a potential candidate. let's just say that right at this very moment, i'd be most surprised to see regehr moved, out of anybody in a flaming C.

in other news, i decided yesterday that signing gionta would be awesome, for one simple reason:
two gios are better than one.



R O said...

Pardy scares me too. I fear we're going down the 07/08 Oilers route of "try and sign Hossa, penny-pinch Glencross, get neither".

Just say no to Heatley. Despite the fact that he looks good beside Iginla in NHL '09 (I should know, I play goal in Detroit and they are tough to stop!), we have more than enough highly-paid one-dimensional forwards (i.e. one - Jokinen).

Plus, since April, I've come around on Phaneuf. Mudcrutch convinced me that he is actually decent at tough-minutes defence - and in a season or two "decent" should turn to "awesome". Plus the Oiler fans hate him, even though every single one of them would take him in a heartbeat.

walkinvisible said...

i didn't say i liked the dion-for-heatley trade. i said, simply, that i'd love to have heatley and we'd have to drop salary to get him (presuming, in this case that we also have jaybouw).

i think we'll know well before xmas if dion's troubles last season had to do more with keenan/playing hurt than development. if there's little-to-no improvement, i think the jovo comparison might be (unfortunately) accurate. personally, i think he'll be much improved (and still with the flames, cause darryl seems to love him like he loves brett.... perhaps more).

the more i think about pardy, the more i'm convinced he decided months ago that he wants free agency. sutter's not the type to leave a guy like that unsigned after the deadline.

R O said...

And I just saw the words "Regehr" and "moved" in the same sentence in your post. I know you paired those words in a negative connotation, i.e. "Regehr won't be moved". Still, I nearly puked :P

R O said...

I could handle a Heatley for Kipper swap :-) (that's actually exactly how it went in NHL '09 for me)

Actually I'm having daydreams of:
1.) Unloading Jokinen on Montreal for picks (they are looking for the BigBodyDownTheMiddle)
2.) Unloading Kipper on Colorado for picks (to "solve" their goaltending situation)
3.) Using picks to get Staal from Pittsburgh.
Exactly zero of these three transactions will happen :)

walkinvisible said...

I know you paired those words in a negative connotation, i.e. "Regehr won't be moved". Still, I nearly puked :P.

sorry 'bout that.... now you know how i feel every day about gio. ;)

staal from pitt, hunh ? you know i love that guy...