Wednesday, July 1, 2009


okay so he's not that good, and i have no idea how much he costs, and we don't really need a grinding PK/4th line guy if we've got the likes of nystrom & dvdg (!!!), but the former calgary hitman/new york ranger is one of my favorite swedes in the league.

i'm on my way to the stamps game but i'll try to write more later.




Cassie said...

Think he will be a good fit, at least he's young (26 isn't bad) and apparently he's pretty fast so we'll see..

walkinvisible said...

dude: as my new sister in hockeyblogging, i'm sure you hear me when i say that sjöström will LOOK REALLY GOOD in a flames jersey....

i've got a really intensely awesome post upcoming with photos.