Saturday, June 20, 2009

pick a sutter, any sutter

i forgot to mention the nhl awards in the stuff upcoming.

i also forgot to mention the fact that the flames should (by all accounts) have announced a new head coach by the end of next week. here are my thoughts:

1. ryan mcgill
after the flames spent the better part of four years grooming mcgill for a big club coaching job (by giving him the head coaching job of the baby flames in 05/06), there's absolutely no way in my mind that this guy will end up anywhere other than behind the bench in calgary next season. will he be the head coach ? probably not.... but let's be realistic here: until jim playfair was appointed head coach in abbotsford, there was nary a peep in the press about mcgill's future. if you're a vegas type, i'd call this a sure thing.

2. pick a sutter, any sutter....
once you've established that ryan mcgill will be assistant/associate coach with the flames next season, you really kindof have to consider that the guy making these calls has already got a head coach in mind who would ACCEPT mcgill as his right hand man. which signifies (to me, anyways) that it's either himself or a close member of the inner sutter circle (ie: one of his brothers). while darryl has himself quite a lengthy leash, it seems, with the flames upper management, it's hard to imagine them allowing him to hire a head coach with no previous bigleague coaching experience. which obviously narrows the gap to himself (darryl) or brent. if i was gonna bet on it, i'd put my money on daz, only because i'd LIKE to think the already millions of wasted sutter payroll (marcus nilson, anders eriksson, rhett warrener, wayne primeau) will get cut off at some point; and buying brent's availability from the clutches of the new jersey devils won't come cheap.

other asst coaches:

- dave lowry gives up the head coaching job with the hitmen to take an asst. job with the flamb├ęs, and/or wayne fleming walks away from avangard omsk where he is no longer under contract.

- noodles gets promoted into the head goalie coach job (yikes !).

these are my thoughts, not yours.


Brent G. said...

It seems to me that you have chosen the wrong sutter. Yes its just a rumour but seems so real at this point. I guess time will only tell.

So is it only me who also noticed the strange wording of this quote by Cammalleri?

“The details still have to be weighed – and whether it works for both the [National Hockey League Players' Association] and the league – but it brings a smile to my face when I think about playing an outdoor game in front of those fans,” said Cammalleri, who played an outdoor game in college for Michigan against Michigan State. “I can imagine it would be a lot of fun.”

The part of that that really intrigues me is " brings a smile to my face when I think about playing an outdoor game." Thats not the words of a man who is ready to/already has cut ties with the Flames organization; it seems to be almost opposite in fact. Im of course not saying this is fact but it would seem to me there is an agreement to or thought of cammalleri returning for at least another year. That would be great news; my bets would be langkow/sarich being traded however... (maybe to phoenix for Upshall, or Lombardi?)

Im not saying, Im just saying

Kent W. said...

Good catch Brent.

walkinvisible said...

hm. well, i suppose after july 1, with aucoin, warrener, & bertuzzi's contracts off the books anything is possible....

either that or squid's hearing the opposing squad at mcmahon will be the leafers...

as for brent well, it was a coin toss. all my money's on ryan mcgill showing up, anyways....