Monday, June 29, 2009

in case you don't read the comments....

some witty reparté between myself and my westcoast canucks-lovin' pal, goad, that's been going on the past few days....

GOAD in italics
walkinvisible (aka: me) in bold


"....Well done Sutter. You have stirred interest in Flames fans for a few days and allowed them to dream of their full team + JBo.
Dream on."

"'well done sutter' is now considered an incomplete sentence. you must specify which of the five flames' sutters (darryl, brent, duane, ron, brett) you're referring to... infact, the last name "sutter" is redundant in these parts.... 'well done darryl' is preferrable in and around the pengrowth sutterdome."

"On the contrary.

The Flames have made references exceedingly simple with their one-name-fits-all solution. "Sutter can't run a power play" "Sutter will never figure the cap out" or the classic "what the hell does Sutter even do?". It takes all guesswork out of a late night rant.

Thanks nepotism."

seriously ?


awildermode said...


i like that

walkinvisible said...

i can't say i made it up but i will definitely acknowledge that i forget where i saw it written...