Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I can't believe it's not Sutter: Brent out in NJ

Credited originally to Calgary's CTV outlet, I'm linking here to the New York Times, Brent Sutter's going to step down as Devils coach later today.

As the Times points out, it's unclear how brother Darryl's going to figure out how to get Brent behind the Flames' bench this year while he still has a year left with the Devils. And while Lou Lamoriello might be willing to not stand in the way, he might stick out a leg — and that means some kind of compensation.

I like Brent Sutter a lot as a coach, and have seen him first-hand do wonders with the Red Deer Rebels when I was all over the Western Hockey League in the late-90s, but I wonder if the Flames really have to do a Michel Bergeron-style compensation deal here, or if there might be somebody better out there for free.

Like I said, just wondering. Perhaps I'll have an answer later on.

But regardless, with today's events, I find it almost impossible to believe that we won't be seeing Brent Sutter behind the bench with the Flames this season.


Kent W. said...

Damn, you scooped me. Nice find.

Im fairly certain Brent's on his way here as well, issues aside.

shep said...

vandermeer for sutter? thats fair right?

duncan said...

Somebody at my office jokingly suggested Kiprusoff, to which I responded, "I'd do that deal right now."

robert cleave said...

We'll see how much of a hard guy Loophole Lou is. Worst case is Sutter B. has to chill for a year and hang out with the family while Sutter D. cleans up the situation created by, uh, Sutter D., largely. Summer of '10 rolls around, and either there's a housecleaning in management (not likely, but possible with a poor season) or Brent goes behind the bench.

Oh, and Duncan? No kidding about that deal. I don't think Sutter will try to move Kiprusoff under any circumstances until he has one more stinker of a year, but if someone wanted him without taking a terrible contract back, I'd do it tout de suite.

walkinvisible said...

i heart shep.

thanks for posting this, D. i've been feeling guilt but when i'm putting in 18 hour days i really truly have nothing to say.... and no time to write it.


duncan said...

Hey, my pleasure. I know what it's like (18-hr days) and it's about time I stepped in here.