Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new coaches *yawn*

uh.... so here's a shocker:

in the worst kept hockey secret of all time, brent sutter has been officially named as the next head coach of the calgary flames.

the assistant coaches are (huge surprise here, obviously, since i suggested it in the post below): ryan mcgill, dave lowry and our boy noodles.

noodles, in an interview on the fan 960 after the presser, proved to me why kipper will have a better year this season: he's a good laugh. one thing i can say about MYSELF (if nobody else) is that i work much harder and with better results when my boss is fun:

on the press conference announcing him as part of the new flames coaching staff:
"i didn't even know it was a press conference... i thought it was a free buffet until they started asking me questions."

on where he and dave lowry see their assignments ending up as bench staff (and here i'm paraphrasing):
"i think it's pretty obvious what my job is gonna be being that goaltending is my area of.... well... not EXPERTISE but.... uhhhhh... EXPERIENCE."

i love that guy.

am i worried that two of the new assistant coaches have played with a good number of the players on the flames' current roster ? not really.... but i could certainly be eating these words in the next few months....

the part that annoyed me the most about the presser was where darryl sutter quasi-admitted that he should have allowed mike keenan to hire his own assistants.... well guess what, folks ? by the looks of things, brent sutter didn't get to hire his choice of coaches either.

so there you go.
onwards and upwards.... D (draft) day minus 3.


ngthagg said...

Noodles is hilarious. Hopefully we'll be able to count on him for a good interview once we get into the season as well.

Cassie said...

Gotta agree. Maybe now that he has an official, important position we'll get to see him more often