Monday, October 18, 2010

win !!!

this has nothing to do with hockey (other than the fact that naheed knows mikeH and TOTALLY watched sid and the boys lose to the yanks with us at the ANZA club in vancouver during the olympics), but how rad is it that nenshi won the mayoral race, and MORESO that he kicked the race's ass through a viable platform, social media, and the youth vote. i can't wait to hear the stats but 300,000 votes in the election ?!?!!! that's unheard of in a generally apathetic city like cowtown. i also think it's CRAZY cool that the "redneck calgarian" stereotype took a massive hit. oh, and that nenshi went to school with my buddy who owns a scanner.



JA said...

Fun fact: I went 3/3 on my ballot.

Also, DB is going to be pissed. lol.

JA said...

Oh, yes, and I think it was closer to 350k. Excellent turnout, nonetheless!

mikeH said...

Good stuff. Super happy for Naheed and generally the City. Lots of opportunity to clean up some of the bureaucracy and move forward.

On tv last night I saw a couple of the folks that we were watching hockey with at the ANZA listening to Naheed's speech.

Hockey content: If only hockey was played based on the popular vote, maybe the Flames would have a fighting chance this year.

walkinvisible said...

i heard a chick on the radio this morning comparing politics to hockey; that the oldschool way of thinking has been usurped by younger, more innovative and current methods.

you hear that darryl ? you're the ric mciver of the nhl.

mikeH said...

Old and washed up vs. young and fast. Maybe... Daz is like John McCain? Does that mean Brent is basically Sarah Palin?

duncan said...

"The Ric McIver of the NHL" is pure gold.

Congratulations to Calgary, by the way. In Toronto, we're about to elect the Mike Milbury of municipal politics.

dph said...

That's an awesome picture of our new mayor.

I've hung out with him at Folk Fest and a number of other places, if he can navigate the political waters of a obstructionist bureaucracy under him and a sometimes combative aldermanic group, he's got the brains and energy to do lots of good.

McRic of the NHL.. I like it. Have you ever heard the words "Quite honestly..." come out of his mouth in answer to a question?