Friday, October 8, 2010

an explanation on why i despise my team, part 2.


A Z R said...

Because they don't show up! Very nicely done.

walkinvisible said...

lol. not sure why that happened but i'm down with your inference.

walkinvisible said...

ps: when are you gonna comment over at your place re: the bloodbath in the drugstore ?

A Z R said...

I hate to admit it, because it ruins the know it all image, but I don't know what you are talking about re: bloodbath in drugstore.

Please, fill me in.

A Z R said...

Oh man I'm dumb. Rexal! Shoot I'm slow today. Apologies.

I thought Backlund needs to be playing instead of Morrison. I thought Brett Sutter was ok, which is weird. I loved Glencross running the drunk.

You knew the first would play out the way it did, and after the second I was feeling good because they settled it down. I think the third was what pissed the locals off. If we lose 1-0 it's not as bad. But a vet team that doesn't show up for the third period...same old same old.

I have tickets for Sunday. Should my sign say fire loubardias or trade jarome?

walkinvisible said...

six minutes to figure that out, hey ? i've been trying to figure out a good nickname for the scotiabank dome (somehow "the ATM" seems appropriate, currently, but my mum reads this site). it'd be a PERFECT nickname over at yours, though... ;)

ps: did you just invite me to the game on sunday ?