Sunday, October 10, 2010

here's my take: iggy needs to shut his cakehole

my guess is that this theory won't go down very well with the masses, but the good news is that only a handful of folks regularly (if ever) read my meanderings.

scott cruikshank wrote an article over in the herald that points out how our captain, my captain, had a high-decibel disagreement with assistant coach dave lowry at practice the other day about the powerplay. "Lowry seemed to want more of a slot presence from the captain. Iginla seemed to want something else altogether."

um. sorry ??

with all due respect to #12, players should play, coaches should coach, and managers should manage. end of story. there is no way in hell that iggy should be telling lowry where, on-ice, he's gonna hang out on a powerplay, no matter how many millions he's banking or what letter is sewn on his chest. good lord, could you imagine if young backlund piped up "yeah, i think maybe i should be on the blueline, actually."


if there are truth in rumours, then i've heard some things about iggy over the past few months that piss me the hell off. i take this hearsay with a grain of salt because (let's face it) it's not like i'm getting this stuff from jarome. BUT i've heard he was instrumental in the return of alex tanguay, and i've heard that he refused to play on a line with daymond langkow.

ie: i've heard he's a player, manager AND coach.

and, if you ask me, a once-elite power forward who's visibly struggling and fighting the puck every night, and who's stats have been on the decline for years now, should shut the hell up and listen to his COACHES.

just play, friend.


Brent G. said...

If there is any truth in what you say of Iginla then maybe its time for a change... He is in decline, no doubt about it. His value is dropping every year and Calgary is about to go in to a rebuild (book it) so maybe its time to move on...

Anonymous said...

..sure seems to fall a lot with little cause.

Brent Wittmeier said...

If it's clear early on that the Flames are not playoff bound, I agree with the other Brent: Iggy is on his way out around Feb/Mar. After game 1, that looks like a distinct possibility.

It could actually just be what Sutter says (it's not Darryl, remember): disagreements are part of the job.

This is Iginla we're talking about, probably the best Flame ever. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And as far as acquisitions go, Tanguay isn't a bad choice. If he recruited Ivanans, I might think otherwise.

Bettman's Nightmare said...

The whole problem would have been avoided if Lowry would bring back the playoff beard. It's like the William Wallace of cookie dusters.

A Z R said...

WI, disagree completely.

The notion that Lowry knows more about the PP than Iginla does is laughable. I think Iggy knows how to play the game, and he is frustrated that the guy who coached the PP last year to the bottom of the league is still in charge of it this year.

Personally, I would love it if Iggy coached the PP, if thats what it takes to get him going again. Love it or lump it, the team, as constructed, goes as he goes. If he feels he scores more in position X and Lowry has him in position Y, Im glad he is speaking up.

Again...Dave Lowry is telling Jarome how to score? Give me a break.

mikeH said...

DGB has a funny bit here. Check out the entry for Feb 20.

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