Friday, October 8, 2010

I go on about last night, in e-mail form

In the interest of efficiency, I will not write an original post, but pass along an e-mail exchange I had with a colleague (an Avs fan) this morning:

Colleague: Wouldn't you both say today feels like opposite day? #Flames #Oilers

Me: This is what I think: Last night will be looked back upon as when the pendulum shifted in the Oilers' favour. It's going to be four or five years, at least, before the Flames are any good again. Probably longer. By that time, the Oilers should be at the peak of their powers. That's some 2007-08 Blackhawks over there.

It's weird, because the second and third line centres are Backlund and Morrison, which sucks, but is it much of a step down from Stajan and No-Neck? I would say it's a step sideways, and that's troubling. Also troubling: too many Sutters.

Me: A healthy Langkow is better than Morrison, but at this point that just makes him a good third-line centre. So, no. Backlund’s got promise, but not playing with Curt Glencross and Tim Jackman. The most galling thing of last night, forget that Jokinen is still THE EXACT SAME PLAYER, was watching Tim F'ing Jackman on the third line for the Flames, and Dustin Boyd playing a great game in the same role for the Habs. Young, fast, promise — but Darryl would rather have a career minor-leaguer whose best season IN COLLEGE was about 0.7 PPG.

Weirdest thing, I actually thought Brett was one of the best players on the ice last night for the Flames.

So, yeah, not the best start.


walkinvisible said...

two posts in two days ?
you deserve a nap.

duncan said...

I've found my muse: Massive frustration!

Kent W. said...

Just watch Nigel Dawes score in his first game for ATL. Just watch,

walkinvisible said...

i fully expect pocketdawes to revert to straight dawesome and score 20 goals this year, lombardi styles.

Subversive said...

If the Flames go 4-12 to start the season, does a Sutter lose his job? God, I hope so.