Wednesday, October 27, 2010

M&G gamethread spillover: afterthoughts

i'm kinda bummed i missed the M&G gamethread last night since it was all about the flames nerdherd, with all of my favorite nerdy blog buddies (except kent) talkin' shop, cuttin' up jokinen and staios, swapping recipes & "how-to-make-beer-BETTER" conversations, and otherwise generally being all-around awesome.

instead, i went over to my buddy AA's place to watch the game cause he's a dirty greasers fan and i figured we'd have a couple beers & figuratively noogie the hell out of each other. except apparently he's a little down on his luck ("man, we can't catch a break." " i'd love to see my team win once in awhile." "it's been so depressing for so long now."). after the flames scored the fourth, he got all pouty and switched the channel to basketball so i totally missed my boy gio pounding somebody's head in. boooo !!!

anyhow, something we were joking about a few games back (over on M&G) was the fact that you can hire the predators' mascot, gnash, for "a birthday party, a classroom full of kids, retail promotions, school fundraisers, corporate events, parades, or even wedding receptions." well, low and behold less than a week later, my friend in smashville posted her kid's birthday pics on the ol' facebook:
what an awesome mom. floor hockey and gnash for a 4 year old birthday ?? i wish i was her kid... ;)

nothin' else goin on, really, except that today is the deadline for the "meet mark giordano" contest. i friggin' better win.


mikeH said...

I don't know how anyone could be a bigger Gio fan, except maybe his mom, so you'd better get a call back.

It was a good gamethread last night. Beer, food, and hockey set up a pretty fun time. A little bit of a roller coaster in the 3rd while the boys were trying to give it away, but otherwise, great times.

A Z R said...

As someone who listens to the Ghetto Boys, we very much appreciated it when you ran the "Do it like a G-O"

Which is why you should be running the ingame entertainment. Because he beats the hell out of this oiler, and they played techno or something...

...When you have already shown them what song they should play.

walkinvisible said...


i work in film production so i could pull some favours and make a shit-hot pregame video that wouldn't have athletes (who aren't actors) awkwardly telling us they are the C of red.

do it like a g-o is only one thing. there's the swedish chef for bourque and i gotta say that i can't believe nobody ever got a crowd together and instructed them how to do this:
(adapted, of course, to the iggy holler).

what a bunch of idiots over in flamesville.