Friday, October 15, 2010

goals ? what goals ?

yesterday on flamesnation's florida panthers' pre-game, in response to kent wilson's comment "Watch for Iginla to be matched against Weiss' line and for that to be the primary conflict," i mockingly wrote:
"i think the primary conflict will be the flames meager arsenal trying to get one past a big-name goaltender. this is not our forté."
call me nostradamus.

but it doesn't take a visionary to see that the lineup the flames are currently icing is simply not a winning team. i remember when we gave up cammalleri and bertuzzi (the latter, admittedly, i never liked but acknowledged he was still good for >ten per season), i got lambasted on the message boards for asking "who's gonna replace those goals ?" i was told that hockey isn't a goal-for-goal scenario, that the team collectively needs to just pull up its socks, and that goal scoring would be a shared duty by all four lines.

uh hunh.

well, here we find ourselves in the midst of a drought that (let's face it) is now entering not its' third GAME but realistically its third MONTH with this team. darryl seemed to ATTEMPT to address this lack of scoring by picking up stajan, hagman, and kotalik to end the season, and by giving mickis a shot --but let's not kid ourselves. stajan is not derek roy, hagman is no stamkos, kotalik is no ovechkin, and backlund is no patrick kane.... and i hate to say it but iggy's over in the goalscoring world. i'd be totally content to eat my words, but i'm afraid i'm way too right...

sure, we've got some injuries, and our two best "goalscoring" types are in the pressbox (bourque, kotalik), but darryl should've seen this coming. bourque is forsberg incarnate (in the injury not the skill sense) and kotalik was coming off of a pretty hardcore shitty season in NY so the over/under on him regaining status as an elite player was pretty low. darryl went all-in on these two anyways, and then wasted the valuable remaining dollars shoring up a blueline with unusable, aged stop-gaps (i'm lookin' at you, staios), and bringing on $1.2 mil worth of worthless goon.

how fucking good would nigel dawes look out there, right now ??!?!

just sayin'.
(countdown to the flames calling up jon rheault ? 3-2-1....)


Nuuuuugs said...

Kent must really be regretting staying home to count scoring chances, instead of drowning the sorrows at FN with you guys.

Kent W. said...

No one says I can't drink by myself...

A Z R said...

Bourques glass, which we warned about whenever they signed him longterm. And he gets injured and we see what the team is without him. Why is our best forward made of glass?

so I got a funny story for you all. You can't share it, its a secret. So I hear this story from this girl about someone that we have dubbed P-Sizzle on DB.

Domebeer-aholic P-Sizzle is, apparently, a filthy texter.

I gotta get him to come out drinking...

And remember, this is a Hitthepost exclusive, no sharing.

walkinvisible said...

good to see you back this year, budz.

is it possible that p-sizzle has written some stuff for your site, befriended me on facebook, and is FAR too young to have such a high-profile job on the airwaves ?

if yes, i bet kent can tell you how dirty his texts are. lol.