Friday, October 8, 2010

an explanation on why i despise my team, part 2.

last night's game forced me to re-read some of the stuff i wrote back in early july when darryl sutter officially, completely, and unequivocally lost his mind.

hate to say it but... um... holy cow was i ever right.

the other thing that i found to be a truly hilarious re-read last night was the text conversation i had with duncan on july 1 when he woke me from a peaceful slumber to ruin my life (thereby repaying the favour of me spoiling his vacation on the cabot trail in 2008 by dropping the news of the bertuzzi signing):


"tanguay, yes. it's your turn to ruin my day if there's more"

"Major rumor: FUCKING JOKINEN. All the big insiders say it's in play. 2 yrs/3.5 per"

"please say jussi. please say jussi. please say jussi. please say jussi."


"i'm going back to bed now. wake me in 11/12.... actually, to be quite honest, it's rather hilarious. no better way to say 'fuck you' to the fans."

"Did you mean to be funny with 'to be quite honest'" ?

"yes. now kindly excuse me while i shoot myself."


in fairness, jokinen was not the only flame who had a brutal game last night, but i bet his performance stung a little to those who had bought into herr sutter's explanation that the only reason he previously sucked was because he wasn't playing with a good playmaker like tanguay. uh, whoops. i guess that theory doesn't hold kool-aid.

jokinen, if you watched him carefully, contributed absolutely nothing to the play, offensively or defensively. just like last year, the play would die on his stick ---either he'd pass it directly to a guy in blue (this happened most frequently, and if i were jordan eberle, i'd be sending him flowers this morning for such a sweet feed on his first nhl goal), or just get checked off of it. truly painful to watch. funny, it turns out that paying a guy a little less doesn't actually improve his skill set.

ian white had an abysmal night, though (unlike with jokinen) i don't expect that will continue. regehr somehow played less minutes than pardy, who was in the box for four, so that really points to injury or illness, in my eyes. jaybouw looked to improve through the game and i'm not ready to give up on him, either, especially paired with gio who is an animal. brodie was solid and, aside from the two delay of game minors, pardy didn't suck. i think there's hope on the blueline, we just need to play more teams with no skill players, is all.

tanguay didn't look too bad, in fairness, and iggy actually had a couple of chances so they get a pass. the hagbourqisson line is gonna have to dig deeper for opportunity, or (what i'd prefer to see) maybe we'll change the name to hagbourqland cause i thought mickis had a fairly solid match ---save for falling over on his best opportunity. i know morrison played, cause i remember thinking "dougie risebrough !!" when i saw his #8 those few times. he contributed nothing. sutter re-tread, indeed.

the bottom six is a joke in its current incarnation. glenX and mickis have some skill (and i can't even make fun of jackman since he was probably the best guy on the ice last night outside of the god-like kiprusoff and my boy gio) but were hugely out-matched by the oilers 6-9, and don't even get me started on the fourth line. the only reason ivanans "fought" (and i use the term loosely) in the dying minutes was because everyone knows that the hired goon needs to scrap in the rival's building... ESPECIALLY when both his linemates and the journeyman third liner have all had dust-ups. jeeeeeebus, i miss pocketdawes.

i don't have a lot of hope, at this point, however. goalie aside, this is not looking like a playoff club, and it sure ain't a cup-winning club.

as goad said: "ruh roh."


mikeH said...

I feel like its one of those times when you throw a party for someone, and they totally don't bother to show up:

Tron Funkin Blow

We have a long season ahead of us. When am I allowed to start asking for Darryl's head?

shep said...

i stopped watching after hemskys goal but heres my short recap:

iginla sucked, stop cheating for offense?
jokinen sucked
ian white sucked, why was he on his knees/stomach all night?
bouwmeester had his worst game ever?
pardy sucked
bourque looked injured
hagman tried but got nowhere
morrison sucked, looked like a pewee
backlund sucked
ivanans always sucks
sutter sucked, please play old man conroy next game instead

the rest was ok. liked to have tanguay back.

duncan said...

"i think there's hope on the blueline, we just need to play more teams with no skill players, is all."

Funny! Because it's true. Too bad the Flames aren't in the Eastern Conference.

walkinvisible said...

that was my favorite part, too.

i've been saying it for months --the flames are gonna suck. and there, in one game, we saw it play out to perfection.

ps: kippy didn't suck until he decided that there was no reason for him to be good with all the sucking his teammates were doing.

walkinvisible said...

on second thought, i also really like "i guess that theory doesn't hold kool-aid" and also "funny, it turns out that paying a guy a little less doesn't actually improve his skill set."

the end of every paragraph is htp gold, if you don't mind me saying.