Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still around: Duncan's season preview

I'm somewhat disappointed with my decreasing output — and increasing ambivalence — about the Flames. It's pretty easily diagnosed: This is not 1986 or 2006, and I don't like exposing myself to pain, nor do I subscribe to the "hope springs eternal" storyline put forward by the hockey media re: all Canada's teams before Game 1 of the season. Hope does not spring eternal at my house in Toronto, unless you're referring to hope that it won't be Charlie Simmer on the colour-commentary on the first Sportsnet broadcast this year. (Or has he already been on in the pre-season? I don't know.)

I puked up quite the volume of Tweets on July 1 on my thoughts about Darr's performance in the free agent market, and that was just about Jokinen. Jackman? Ivanans? I like creativity, and there ain't none where I can see. I have fond memories of Tanguay, and think he can still play well, and liked the price. Of course, I should have known better that he wouldn't have stopped there, etc., etc., Steve Staios.

I look forward to tonight for a few things: Tanguay, T.J. Brodie — it's been so long since we had a young surprise to get into — watching Mark Giordano play again.

I also remember watching Brent Sutter's Red Deer Rebels in his second season with the team, and realizing that it took that group a full year before getting his system. That, of course, is junior hockey, which is not the NHL. But those Rebels were pretty freaking good. But there might be something to it. So I look forward

I look forward to the throwbacks in 15 games, and I look forward to the Heritage Classic, because I'm one of the fans of that jersey. I also look forward to more output from WI and all the bloggers who keep my head in the right place about the Flames.

I also look forward to me, potentially, writing blog posts that don't come across as so maudlin. It could happen!

Time to go put on my jersey.


The Consumer said...

This is hard to watch!
Number 4 has to go. I am still curious as to why we still have him. Trade him while we can still get a bag of pucks for him.
Edmonton is looking good in this game.
Not missing FC tonight. This is hard enoigh to watch on the small screen.
Maybe we'll see you around WI

walkinvisible said...

just home from watching the first two periods of that debacle (and finding that i'd left eberle on the bench in my fantasy pool, damnit) and am pleasantly surprised to see a post by your good self.

ps: we fled FC's pretentiousness for the fairer shores of the unicorn and i was reminded of *that* night.

miss you, bud. nice ta see you.