Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i'll be okay with the latest re-tread when:

- he makes iggy and tanguay look good

- he makes jokinen look replaceable at 1/4 the price (this shouldn't be too hard)

- he becomes such an integral filling in the bourque/hagman sandwich that we come up with a ridiculously clever nickname for that line

- he scores a gwg on bobbylu at the callcentre and points at the flaming C on his chest to tell the crowd where it's at... [note: i hope goad's in the crowd for that one so he can tell us just exactly how much louder "boos" are than "luus".]

welcome to calgary, brendan morrison. make us proud.

ps: mikeH and i are gonna be down at flames central on thursday for the hockey pool draft pre-game. i think you need to register (i'm not sure if it's too late or not) but if you wanna come down, you're more than welcome to join up !!!


Wittmeier said...

Unlike previous re-treads, Morrison is clearly a cheap stop gap, not an expensive reclamation project.

Added to that fact: Morrison is NOT sparklepants.

So I'm okay with it. Anything else he can bring is just grave.

wittmeier said...

errr... gravy.

Goad said...

I applaud the signing of Mo in cowtown. The flamer brass would have been crazy not to ink him. He's a classy vet that can still wheel and deal. Like Craig Conroy 4 years ago.
It was good of Mike Gillis to give Mo a showcase for his talent but there was no way he was going to make the Nucks. It's unfortunate Mo is bitter about his tryout but his talents don't fit with the script coach V and Gillis are writing.
Unlike watching Bert in the smoking c, there won't be any hard feelings when Mo comes to town. He's just a Pit Meadows guy trying to navigate the collapse of the NHL middle class.
I for one will always cheer for Brendan.

walkinvisible said...

goad, you are one seriously classy canucks fan.... <3

Subversive said...

Hagbourqisson? Not catchy, but awesome in it's own way nonetheless.

walkinvisible said...

hagbourqisson rocks, both because it has a really nice ring to it and also because i'm a huge fan of words with q's not followed by u's.