Sunday, October 31, 2010

backlund on backlund is over :(

while he hadn't written anything since the world championship last spring, mikael backlund's blog has been officially removed from the airwaves.


we'll miss your insight, mickis.


mikeH said...

Hey, did you hear about Dion getting booed off the ice on Saturday night? Just getting clued in to what's going on, but apparently the Toronto press have started to place some criticism on his shoulders. Playing like this probably doesn't help.

mikeH said...

Oh, and this shit show from Saturday was also pretty awesome:

Ryan Callahan scores on penalty shot

Dion gives away the break and then gives up a penalty shot. Good stuff.

walkinvisible said...

Dion gives away the break and then gives up a penalty shot. Good stuff.

substitute the word "gio" and you've got a replay of what happened in calgary the other night. so i cannot agree with the "good stuff" comment, even if it was enjoyable when phaneuf did it.

mikeH said...

I guess I didn't catch Peter Maher's description of that on my radio feed, but reading the recap I see Gio's blunder.

Still, look at it this way: We're paying Gio $1.075 million this season ($892,000 cap hit) and $4'ish million for the next few years. For that, we get the occasional screw up. Can you imagine how we'd feel if that kind of damage cost us another $6 million? And it was coming from our captain/fearless leader/hollywood boytoy?

JA said...

wow, saturday was BAD. That's all.

A Z R said...

Those people speak that language all the time. Can you imagine?

walkinvisible said...

strangely, i spent 4 days with swedes in sweden and by the end of it, i kindof understood when they were talking to each other.

it was weird.

mikeH said...

That's probably because they're telepathic:

Nordic Aliens