Monday, February 8, 2010

monday randoms: mostly swedes

i'm at work and i can't spend much time here so let's get straight to it. :)

- first off, i would like to send massive htp condolences to brian burke and his family for the loss of his youngest son, brendan. no other words to describe how utterly awful that situation is....

- nice MS paint job over at turning dion's red flames jersey into a blue leafs one... like, um... wow. way to take 30 seconds to do it up RIGHT.... the flames put some time into the "new jersey' project.... as for freddan, they just opted to use last year's rangers headshot... might as well, hey ? it's already blue. too bad the haircut's dated and he's 'the remnants of one black eye' short.. ;)

- niclas wallin heads west to shore up the D out in the bay city, waiving his no-trader to leave carolina for the first time in his nhl career. a big move for the big swede... he'll be missed by teammates and fans alike, and with boyle and pickles out of the san jose lineup, his big body presence™ will be necessary to keep the team afloat 'til june. i've had the good fortune to meet this dude once, and i gotta say: if the flames can't do it, the sharks are now my west coast pick. presuming, of course, that he remembers to shoot on the right net.

- you can't buy a ladies cut retro throwback flaming C jersey but you can sure buy this monstrosity on (of course, at $49.99 why would you WANT to ??!):

- who's up for a blogger meetup on thursday for the flames v. stars PPV ??? it was discussed last week during all the trade fun, but i'm all for it. i'll suggest flames central as a jumping-off point, but we can move northward or southward as people want in.... or i'll just end up watching the game with mikeH somewhere like i usually do.... ;)

- giorgasm. 'nuff said. ;)

- i generally have a lot of time on my hands and like to spend it trying to find interesting photos of interesting people on the ol'intergeek. i won't attempt to get sued for posting unauthorized pix here but i WILL link to something that i find truly and outrageously awesome. hey, it's out there in the world, unlocked and available for public consumption (though i'm sure it won't be for long).... ;) PLEASE note the name on the hat, and we can proceed with this nickname throughout his (hopefully lengthy) career.

-AWM bought a delorean.... how fucking cool is THAT ?!?!?!

i guess that's it for this week.
lemme know about the meetup. i know AWM is in... well, he would be if he could be... ;)


olddog said...


Check out Scotty Bowman's take on Gio in the Herald today.

walkinvisible said...

thanks for the headsup ----i'd actually heard that quote on the radio but it's something else altogether to see it written.

no arguments here, though. the dude is at the top of his game (or IS HE !??!) ...


mikeH said...

You know you have one joiner for a meetup at Flames Central. :) I think AWM should drive (or fly?) the delorean up here and take us for a spin. I actually saw one once in an auction here in Calgary; it went for a pretty good price, maybe CDN$12k-$14k, but it had some scuffs in the stainless on the hood and at that price, there was likely some other issues. Not sure how you get those marks out, but if I saw it again today I'd probably take the leap. Very cool Doc Brown.

The article on Gio is excellent, I hope he keeps on getting better. Oh, and have you told Wallin yet about you and Mickis? Lucky for him it rains a lot in the bay area, should hide the tears.

walkinvisible said...

wallin doesn't care about my new swedish allegiances but i'm sure freddan's devastated... he probably asked for a trade outta dodge when mickis came up and showed well.... no matter. i'm still technically a forsberg girl (for now). ;)