Sunday, February 14, 2010

update on backlund, by backlund

mikael backlund sheds some light on his future over on his blog:
It becomes AHL games for my part in the Olympic break. Tomorrow I fly to Toronto to join the team there. We play on Monday against the Toronto Marlies directly. In total there are 7 matches. Then we'll see what happens but as I understand it, I will fly back to Calgary on 28e February to play with again. We'll see it's not 100% but I hope it becomes so, and that I may finish the season up there and play in the NHL playoffs with Calgary.

I think it has gone well for me all the games with Calgary in the NHL. I was really nervous before the first match but then dropped it to the other and then have confidence and everything come more and more and I have dared more! I'm really happy with my 9 games up in the NHL so unfortunately, we have lost too many games but we won today against Anaheim, so we can take with us during the Olympics leave and then play even better in March, so we get to play in the playoffs since end of April!

Now I'll unpack the end and then sleep and tomorrow ...

it was nice to see the boys go out with a win last night, and it's nice to see iggy regain vintage form with a couple of sniper-type goals (hilarious commentary by kevin weekesm in suggesting that iginla doesn't miss those very often.... weekes obviously doesn't watch much iginla these days).... anyhow. happy heart day, people.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I heard that comment by Weekes about Jarome, and something wooshed through my brain about it, but I never stopped to think about it. You're bang on. Let's hope Iggy remembers how to do that over the next couple of weeks. Go Boys and Girls!!