Sunday, February 7, 2010

team canada's lineup (as envisionned by stevie Y)

the lineup, as seen on the dry-erase board, as the players were being selected by stevieY, kevin lowe, ken holland, bob nicholson and whomever else was involved in decisionmaking:

e.staal - crosby - bergeron
nash - perry - getzlaf
marleau - thornton - heatley
morrow - toews - iginla

niedermayer - pronger
seabrook - keith
boyle - weber

my initial thought was that tipping your cards towards the russians/swedes/czechs/yanks is probably a bad idea. then i realized that there will be plenty of round robin games against lesser opponents where the russian/swedish/czech/american scouts will become fully aware of the combos.

my second thought is that i wouldn't be surprised to see mike richards draw in for iggy once the goin' gets tough. i guess we'll see but if iggy plays in vancouver the way iggy's playing' right now, he should probably take a seat.... tough, but true. it's comforting to know that stevieY and entourage appear to be aware that the nash - crosby - iginla unit was a trainwreck in the red v. white game....

monday randoms tomorrow at some point.
i'm actually gonna be working so that's novel. :)


awildermode said...

maybe they can swap out a d for gio ;)

walkinvisible said...

i watched the thing and there was a lot of talk between jaybouw, doughty and seabrook. seabrook stayed because of keith. doughty made it in cause he's a proven winner. jaybouw was the odd man out.

there was also a scene where the hockey canada brass were calling the players to let them know they made the cut. they decided to call the 'alternates' (jaybouw/jeff carter) and then there's some hesitation because of the one guy's "two teammates."

babcock points out that hockey canada needs to look out for hockey canada and that "bouw needs to be a man" and deal with breaking the news to his teammates (regehr/phaneuf). i dunno. i bet gio's on a shortlist now. i bet he's getting the random pee tests.