Friday, February 5, 2010

flames v. cats: can we do two ?

the flames played pretty well the other night against carolina but then again.... it was carolina. fortunately, the schedule has allowed the new-look flames to take on three mediocre teams before a real test of skill and chemistry; the surprisingly red-hot senators.

without going into any real detail, i met a couple of the players and a couple of the coaches during their sojurn in cowtown. interesting times.... there are some halfway funny moments that i'm not so big on posting on the internet, but if this proposed blogger meetup DOES happen on feb 11 (stars @ flames, 730 MST... flames central ??), maybe i'll share with you one of the proudest moment of my entire life. :P also ? i'm told that my gio is a superamazingly nice guy, so that's extra cool.....

the boys take on the florida panthers tonight and i'm trying to convince my parents to go cause they're on vacation and staying about 10 miles away. i doubt they will, though. they never seem to seize that opportunity the way i would (infact, if i'd done my homework earlier, i probably would've gone with 'em just to catch this tilt !!!). i know very little about what's going on, currently, in the citrus state but i do know that both teams we meet this weekend are in the same predicament as our beloved flames: fighting for the 8th and final playoff spot. i presume we'll see some desperate hockey....

in other flames news, mickis has finally updated his blog and it says some kindof interesting stuff about what's going on in the ever-changing life of a 20 year old brand new nhler. feel free to use the translator of your choice, i'm a fan of this one ---even though it gets stuck on some words. mickis describes the phoenix game as "...a very special match for me because I made my first NHL goal! It was an ugly feeling and I became first a bit shocked that it went in but then it was just pure joy and it gave us 1 point in the match because it was the 2-2 goal. " i'm guessing by "ugly" he means "sick" or something similarly slangy that means pure awesomeness... ;) he says the phaneuf trade "came as a shock" and that he "may still remain, which is good and now I'm playing again." i like the look of that kid.... he's sharp and will only get better.... ;)

i realize this is posted over at m&g but being that this is both the home of the rational flames discussion, and the home of all things mark giordano (all apologies to eric staal who very nearly gets his eye taken out by pitkanen's skate), i have to also put it up here:

fyi: the beginning of this clip has the play-by-play guys presumeably talking about dion and saying how brent thinks he's "as smart a player that he's ever coached." hahaha, well that's obviously not true but honestly --what's brent gonna say ? "dion phaneuf is exactly the meathead you guys think he is. " yeah. right. ;)


robert cleave said...

i realize this is posted over at m&g but being that this is both the home of the rational flames discussion

Does that make our place the home of irrational Flames discussion? Just wondering... ;-)

Oh, and Dion's not a meathead, he's just been misunderstood by the fans, doncha know?

Too bad you didn't go to Sunrise, wi. Free accommodations might have covered the airfare, and by the sounds of it, you don't have to look too hard for cheap or even free tickets for the Panthers.

walkinvisible said...

duncan made the tagline for this blog "home of the rational flames discussion" once but i have no idea where the tagline is located (or if it's been removed). i'm basically a fully functionning luddite.

m&g is desperately oscillating between scoring too little and allowing too much since 2004. duh. ;)

i finally got ahold of my folks about 15 mins ago. i guess they're now trying to get to the game... i feel like my pops was all-in but my mum wasn't in hurry up mode. i suggested that even if they made it by the 2nd period, the cheap tickets would be worth it....


shep said...

backlunds family was at the dome for the first time vs carolina also.

i love these eastern road trips:)
easier to follow live.

I'll be in florida the first week in april, maybe i'll try to catch the senators game at sunrise

Unknown said...

So ha ha! Parents made it to the game still in the first period (2 tickets for $40 in the 19th row behind the Panther goal - how good is that?) and amused themselves by chatting up as many Flames fans as possible during intermissions, Four fellas had come down just for the Panthers and Tampa games. Good thing we won, but really, folks, with shots in the mid-thirties for only 2 goals scored, we HAVE to do better, especially when we outshot them 3 to 1. And yes, Gio was good.