Friday, February 12, 2010

giddyup, olympics

it's sortof scary devastating that the olympics haven't even started yet and have claimed their first life. how awful to hear about the death of a georgian luger on the track today, and it seems to me that the very basics of safety (namely: padding the exposed STEEL girders) have been overlooked. a tragic tale, to be sure.... my deepest condolences to his friends and family, as well as the unfortunate onlookers who will forever have that moment engrained in their memories.....

wayne gretzky and bobby orr were both in attendance at the opening ceremonies' rehearsal, leading many to believe one (or both) will be lighting the cauldron. terry fox's mother's name has also been mentioned in this capacity. curiouser and curiouser.

as for the cauldron itself, apparently they wanted it to look like the ice fortress in superman II:

totally top secret leaked photo c/o

i guess that's pretty much all i've got for now. in flamesville, jamie lundmark has been placed on waivers, which means that two of bourque, moss & dawes will be available for saturday night's game. if backlund remains on the bench, one of the three will be inserted and the other will hang in the pressbox with mcG as a healthy scratch. in other david moss news, apparently mikehH overheard some chick talking about how she thought he was hot, largely based on the fact that his wife is a sweetheart. girls are funny. ;)

stevieY is rumoured to be headed to cowtown to see if ryan getzlaf is, infact, healthy enough to play in the upcoming international tourney.... kindof a mixed feeling for me, there. i hope he's awful against calgary but i hope he's healthy enough to stick it to the russians. :P


walkinvisible said...

that's what the cauldron would've looked like if it didn't get stuck in the floor. ;)

awildermode said...

funny, i thought it looked like the fortress of solitude, also.

wanted to add these thoughts:

- the fiddler/boat guy looked like wolverine

- the chubby poet guy had a hairy neck, which gave us the 'illusion' of a thick beard.

- vancouver needs viagra