Saturday, February 6, 2010

flames v. bolts: do it like a gio

htp friend and x92.9 radio personality, darren ollinger, told me the other day that there was a battle song he wished they'd play after a huge mark giordano goal, hit, or fight (jump to about 1:35 or 2:15):

it'd be rad. not sure how easy it would be for the PA dudes to get a good cut without profanity but i'm with ya, my man. do it like a gio for realz. we can only hope that the rest of the team bucks up and puts in their 110% like my boy #5. helluva timely goal last night.... and they say dion had a cannon. ;)

in saying that, there was a lot of good to take away from last night's game in sunrise florida but the quality of competition is only going to improve from there. like i said yesterday, it was a bit of a blessing (or, i'll offer it: daz with a good sense of timing) that the new-look flames got carolina, florida, tbay, then hottawa as a ramp-up to see how decent this 2010 version of the team actually is.

i thought higgins was crazy hard on the boards --as mikeH said to me: you can't move that guy off of the puck. kotalik and backlund, both with properly managed minutes, were effective. i still think glenX on the fourth line is a better idea (to exploit the opposition's lowest three) and that brent should reunite the killer Bs but no biggie. oh, and sarich ? somebody has to either remind that guy how to play hard, clean D or he needs to be reunited with adam pardy on the third pairing. topline competition is eating him alive.....

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Kent W. said...

haha, that is fantastic.