Sunday, September 21, 2008

training camp day 2: ho hum

i swung by the 'dome to check out the second half of group A's practice, and was rewarded with a mini-scrimmage. i don't really have a lot to say on the subject, but i figured i'd throw some words together, here, anyways.

1. bertuzzi - langkow - iginla
like, duh.
there's no news here, but it WAS my first look at bertuzzi and SOFAR i like what i see. other than the one play where bert seemed to have a clear shot on net but held on for a pass to iginla (tanguay styles), the presumed first line should be pretty good.

2. giordano - phaneuf
yep, i was a little surprised too. ;)
after seeing regehr paired with sarich yesterday, it was comforting to not see dion take a single shift with either warrener or eriksson. warrener, for the record, did not look outrageously terrible.
[ hey, rhettro: mccabe called, he wants his signature move back (ie: the double cheek check) ]

3. studs
glencross, glencross, glencross. oh my !!! i don't think it matters where he plays in the lineup, he will be a huge asset. quite exciting to watch... negrin also looked very solid, totally unintimidated with the veterans: he very calmly poked the puck off bertuzzi's stick in a one-on-one drill. negrin also laid out hugo carpentier with a massive hit at centre ice.... awesome. DVDG reminds me of a younger craig conroy with good hands and, i hate to say it, but jamie lundmark was surprisingly competant.

3. duds
chucko is an effin' lunkhead. like i said in prospect camp, he definitely has a good wrister, and (after seeing an uncharacteristically speedy puck-chase) i might even concede that he can skate. what i can extrapolate from this revelation is that chucko is probably just lazy day-to-day, and grows the most enormous elbows when there's an opportunity for a bodycheck.... eriksson was his useless ol' self, even when paired with negrin. hopefully johnny doesn't try to learn anything this camp....

and finally, i'm 99.9% sure that leland irving was wearing mcelhinney's #1 today, though i have no idea why. the only reason i'm not 100% sure is because i can't even come up with a remotely possible explanation... anyhow. i only bring it up in case anyone reads/writes about the goalies in today's skate. the information might be inaccurate....

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