Sunday, September 14, 2008

baby flames v. baby greasers

this game was painful to watch on the internet. so i did alot of listening and far less watching.... BUT

- kyle greentree left on a stretcher after getting hit from behind. this does not bode well...
- john armstrong is effin' good. he's seriously mobile like backlund (or juice or foppa). he is my horse for sure, alebeit a longshot for the QC this season.
- matt pelech either had a terrible game, or he's just not a good hockey player. i'm gonna bank on the former but it was pretty much shocking. other than delivering the night's biggest hit, the monster looked absolutely awful (penalty, losing pucks, falling down etc). he will not be happy with that outing and i expect he'll bounce back on monday.
- mikael backlund is effin' good.
- brett sutter scored the game's only goal, shorthanded, topshelf: keeping on a 2-on-1.
- dan ryder is glad to be back, you can just tell...
- john negrin is effin' good.
- keetley was rock solid when he had to be and ended the night with a well-earned shutout.
- tj brodie and mitch wahl are ones to watch
- greg nemisz is effin' good.

so what once seemed an empty cupboard actually has some viable prospects !!!


Kent W. said...

Apparently Pelech was the Flames "star of the game"!

I thought he was..."uneven" myself. There were plays where he looked like the defensive package I've heard. Then there were others like you describe: missing pucks, falling down, etc.

Considering his age, draft pedigree and experience, Pelech should have dominated last night. But he really didn't.

Guys who did impress me though: Wahl, Brodie and Backlund (who looked a few miles ahead to my eyes).

walkinvisible said...

yep. backlund was awesome... i also thought that armstrong --for his age and draft position-- looked pretty nifty. :)

pelech was the player of the game ? wow... that's pretty hilarious to me, but i guess a monster hit means a lot.