Wednesday, September 24, 2008

flames v. jets postgame: heartening

well, the flames had tough go in the first period but came back to manhandle the coyotes soundly in the last two. i didn't watch the whole game (interestingly, as my superstitions begin for another season, i listened to the horribly played first period while i was driving around) but saw some really positive things in the second and third.

even though he gave up two goals early, the highlights show that matt keetley was hardly responsible for the first. it was an ugly fluke goal whereby dion had the worst shift of his game by giving up the puck at his blueline, then falling on top of his own goalie. the second goal followed a couple of great saves (albeit with huge rebounds). i've said it once and i'll say it again: don't stitch "mcelhinney" on a flaming C just yet...

dustin boyd had another killer evening. the kid looks to be solidifying his spot on the big club... second line winger, it seems to me, to start the season.

rene bourque had a good night as well. not sure how many SOGs, but if the opportunities continue to present themselves, this guy will notch a few to be sure. and he's sooo faaast !!!!

prust, primeau, pardy all showed fairly well again tonight. no mind-blowing but steady. prust must've been exhausted after what seemed to be an hour-long fight in the first period.

john armstrong. what can i say ? i think he's better than tomi mäki. i love this guy..... he had a great game, made some mistakes but seemed to be in the right place for the most part.

matt pelech scored a nifty goal with that wrister i was talking about back in rookie camp. he's definitely stepped up his play since that awful outing in camrose. he played quite alot but was mostly unnoticed ---a good thing for a Dman. i could say the same for giordano, who looked good moving the puck. smart. safe.

rhett warrener had a fairly decent game. low minutes, soft competition. and DEFINITELY pulled out his signature move on at least one occasion. what i find about rhettro is that he will try the pokecheck or sticktricks first, and when it doesn't work he'll go for the man (often too late). rhett ? this is not NHL06, and you're not being controlled by me. ie: go for the big hit first.

kyle greentree was on the ice at least twice. i'm not sure he did anything other than take a few checks.

that's pretty much it from here for now.


MacS said...

It may be the AHL quality competition, but Boyd looks good.

Kent W. said...

Also: Boyd playing with capable line mates helps.

RobWoolley said...

The Flames outshot the Coyotes 41-24.

Now that's a stat I can live with.

MacS said...

Also: Boyd playing with capable line mates helps.

That's just crazy talk.

walkinvisible said...

Also: Boyd playing with capable line mates helps.

but it's all SORTS of capable linemates, which is positive....