Saturday, September 13, 2008

oil country rookie tourney: baby flames

i just took in the first hour of the flames' rookie camp this morning at the saddledome, so there's not a whole lot to tell. plus i was only paying half attention cause i was with a friend of mine and her one-year-old, who was pretty stoked about the hockey (and therefore sucking up a lot of attention)....

the only news is the lines and pairings i saw towards the latter half of the practice, which is (presumeably) how the kids will line up in camrose. admittedly, i'm missing some players so i'm not sure if they were absent or just off my radar (for some reason).

greentree - backlund - nemisz
bouma - armstrong - watt
grantham - ryder - cracknell

pelech - brodie
negrin - aulie
jonsson - wilson
baldwin - cole

[sutter - carpentier - seitsonen ?]
[tremblay ? wahl ?]

i look forward to seeing how the boys fare in camrose....


Kent W. said...

Ryder skating with Grantham and Cracknell?? What a complete waste of Ryders abilities.

MacS said...

Maybe it's punishment to guage his level of dedication.