Monday, September 8, 2008

early lineup predictions: part deux

i have a lot of time on my hands and i do a whoollle lotta thinking about what the calgary flames will look like as the 08/09 season starts. i did some lineup predictions last week, but i must admit there is a part of me that's been second guessing the top line....:

option #1:
bertuzzi - langkow - iginla
this is the way i see it going down in reality.

option #2:
cammalleri - langkow - iginla
if your team only has two natural RWs, why put them on the same line ??? demote bertuzzi to the second unit and chuck cammalleri in here on the wing for some added speed and finesse.

option #3:
bertuzzi - cammalleri - iginla
i seriously doubt that langkow will get bumped from the top unit, but if cammalleri and iginla show some chemistry, why not give him a spot here at centre, leaving bertuzzi around to shovel in the garbage ??

uhhhh, that's kindof it for now.

i'm guessing that the rookies probably start camp sometime this week, on the ice over at the 'dome. i'm only presuming they'll get a couple of practises in before heading up to camrose on the weekend.

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