Thursday, September 18, 2008

the marcus nilson affair: hmph...

so the official word on marcus nilson is out ---he's signed with russian club locomotiv (not CKSA, as initially reported). the flames will pay him a million bucks but it won't count against the cap.

this is, presumeably, a loophole in the CBA that will have more stipulations in the future. and he's apparently getting more dough from the siberians.

training camp starts tomorrow ---the folks governing season ticket holders have once again put out an invitation to watch: this time with all the popcorn and pop you can handle in the avison young lounge on saturday afternoon !!!



MacS said...

That'll be awesome for Nilson. Get paid by two teams, play for one.

Wish I was still in Cowtown to check out the camp. I love popcorn.

walkinvisible said...

you're not in cowtown ??!

where the eff are you ?!?