Monday, September 15, 2008

in other news.... ;)

i had some to kill at the airport today, and went into the fan attic to find out how many bertuzzi jerseys they've sold.

um. none.

why, you ask ?

well, apparently the folks at the fanattic (owned by the calgary flames organization, i might add) are not printing bertuzzi's #7 because they're "waiting to see if he has an opportunity to take 4 or 44."

hm. interesting.

if you ask me, there is zero possibility that bootuzzi will get into jim vandermeer's #4. but i think it's fascininating that someone in charge of such things still thinks #44 will come available before the start of the year....

that's all !!!


awildermode said...

bert wore #7 at the intro to new flames media fest. why would they have him wear that number (which was announced weeks before), then have him switch to a new number weeks later???

does this mean rhett is on his way out? insider scoop from the fan attic?

oh, nhl09 on ps3 has bert in a #7...of course they have bourque in #14, blasphemy!!! i changed it right away.

Kent W. said...

I believe Bert has gone on record to say he wont be asking for 4 or 44. I think Inside the Flames reported on that, but Im not sure.

walkinvisible said...

"won't be asking for" and "won't be given the opportunity to wear" seem like two totally different things to me.

i guess wait n' see is the final word on this one.

Matt said...

I saw a Bertuzzi #7 in the Jersey City in Market Mall either the day or morning before New Guy Media Day.

It was... jarring.

walkinvisible said...

jersey city is not owned by the flames....