Wednesday, September 26, 2007

questions for you:

1. how can huselius/peters/stevenson sound like a good idea ???

2. was anyone else aware that jamie mclennan is no longer playing in russia ? as reported last week in the *ahem* edmonton sun:
Jamie McLennan recently returned from Russia where his stint with Metallurg Magnitogorsk was cut stunningly short, fuelling speculation that if Curtis McElhinney or Brent Krahn don't impress during camp, ol' Noodles will be summoned to back up Miikka Kiprusoff again



leanne said...

I remmeber talking about that particular development with Noodles about two weeks ago with somebody or another - apparently Metallurg wasn't thrilled with his pre-season play and let him go.

Kent W. said...

Noodles will never be a Flame again. In fact, he'll likely never play in the NHL again. If you can't cut it in the RSL, you have no chance in the NHL.

I think I'm finished with pre-season line experimentation. 99% of the kids aren't making the team, so cut 'em loose and play the ones who still have shot more than 6 minutes a night. Time to get the regulars playing together.

I don't wanna see the Flames carry this mediocre play into the start of the regular season (Again!). Anotehr 4-8 October would drive me to drink.