Wednesday, September 19, 2007

exhibition#3: pre-game

i officially hate games in saskatoon.

i'm not sure the deal but there is absolutely noplace i can find any info on the game other than the outcome, and the scorers. i don't even know who dressed, much less who got a ton of ice time and who was benched for the majority. part of me wants to make it up just so i can say tomi mäki had a kickass game.

why has the nhl not posted any stats ? did no stats-takers travel to piskatchewan ? did they not bring enough stopwatches ? were there no available cameramen to film the game ?

i don't get it. but i think it's bunk.

tonight there better be effin' highlights....

*****UPDATE: i see now that mäki got the shaft and played on a line last night with cunning & peters. ie: no NHLers to make him look better (like they did with DVDG). i still don't know how many minutes he played but on THAT line, i doubt it was very much. bah.

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