Tuesday, September 25, 2007

flames v. sharks: post game

point form, as i am once again tired.

the opening forward line. i was aghast that keenan dreamed this up, and shocked that he put it on the ice for the first shift. such an obvious mismatch vs. cheechoo/marleau/thornton that it led to a goal against 30 seconds in. ugly.

2. primeau/conroy/nolan.
it is possible that i love this line, though preems and connie make o'no look really really really really really slow. still, they were a force on the PK and some good shutdown at ES. also generated some scoring chances and some decent hits. good hard fast forecheck. i'm sold.

3. defensive pairings
i'll admit to being confused by what's currently going on out there. i know it's pre-season but eriksson and hale on the PK ? regehr and phaneuf at ES ? hale on the PP ??? hale looked halfway decent (which isn't great), warrener looked about as good as he gets (which is pretty bad). eriksson looked zyuzinesque but still clocked over 24 minutes of icetime... regehr looked comfortable for the first time i've seen this year, and absolutely levelled a couple of guys.

4. d.boyd and young sutter
probably just played their last games in calgary. they lined up with stephane yelle for most of the night, which gave them some (but not enough) defensive stability. sutter took a couple of bad penalties early and came out relatively unscathed from a couple of bad giveaways. i love d.boyd's creativity and spark but it's just not enough. both players end up a -1.

5. godard
beat the crap out of some guy named murray. in godard's favour, however, was the fact that he got to rest up on the bench before the big tilt --posting a total of 4:13 in icetime.

6. huselius/langkow/iginla
these guys look ridiculously good together, and should really not be separated. i'm starting to think tanguay should continue playing with lombardi, and then when the going gets tough iggy can double shift.

here's my latest lineup thoughts:

nilson/yelle/prust (when healthy)



good on the boys for getting a win, and in shootout no less. good on the boys for SCORING THREE TIMES in the shootout...!


leanne said...

We really liked Primeau/Conroy/Nolan too. Nolan showed some speed tonight, I thought...it's just that gray beard of his which makes it look like he's going slower.

Actually, I thought Regehr and Phaneuf were decent (if not good) together tonight, or perhaps I was blinded by all the big hits. Regehr looks uninjured for the first time in a long while...

As for Eriksson...yeah. I think why he got so much icetime tonight was because he was tried out with so many partners. I have to confess I wasn't really tracking who else played musical chairs, but yeah, this guy sticks out like the last Andrea.

Kent W. said...

I don't understand the thing Sutter has for Eriksson. There's a reason he's still being bounced around the league at 32. He has some okay numbers from last year, but he played against other team's scrubs without exception. And the fact that the BJ's didn't even bother to try to re-sign him speaks volumes.

It annoys the hell out of me that Gio was given the shaft and Eriksson was signed for 2 years (@1.5M per no less). Stupid, Stupid, STUPID!