Tuesday, September 18, 2007

exhibition#2: pre-game

in a twisted sort of home-and-home series (whereby the sun-drenched florida panthers get to wear their new red jerseys on well-laid saskatoon ice), the flames get a shot at redemption.

i presume that curtis mcelhinney will start tonight, but then again i'm a girl. i really haven't got a clue how long it takes to heal an O'NO shot to the nuts... ;)

i also presume that any/all of iggy, langks, juice and rhettro will play, and that we'll get our first look at offseason pickups sarich & eriksson. i'm HOPING that they'll dress regehr again, so we can get a handle on his potential pairing with the newcomer from the lightning...

i'm also (clearly) presuming that my boy tomi mäki will see some icetime, as will david van der gulik. and with the best shot of all former omaha players to make the big club, i wouldn't be surprised to see D.boyd out there for a second straight game.

hopefully we win this one.

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