Wednesday, September 26, 2007

flames v. oil: gameday preview

top ten things i hope to see tonight:

1. adam pardy
2. iggy and lombo together, all night [with tanguay or huselius. don't care]
3. primeau/conroy/nolan [let's give it another try]
4. warrener and hale in the pressbox. not that i like eriksson, but if he's gonna play, let's see how he plays with pardy. [not that he'll play with pardy buuuut....]
5. david van der gulik or tomi mäki on a line with yelle and nilson. [oh, shit... uhhhh.... nevermind...]
6. another W for the Cs
7. another injury, a la moreau, to one of the greasers [to anyone but souray, who i have in my pool] [okay this is just mean]
8. more of robert nilsson
9. more of a kipper-like kipper
10. more of playfair in un-horrible suits [good thing the game's not televised]...

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