Sunday, September 23, 2007

exhibition#4: post-game

i take back everything i said about the sutters.

brett sutter worked his hindquarters off tonight, ending up with a couple of decent scoring chances and a few monster hits resulting from a whole lotta hustle. i'd tell you just how much time he spent on the ice on a line with D.boyd and D.moss but has let me down yet again by refusing to post any kind of stats whatsoever...

adam pardy also had quite a game, making his defensive partner for the majority of the evening (anders eriksson) look a bit like a clown. while pardy certainly looks like a rookie at times, he has good size and sense, if not always the best positionning. he is a good skater, and he appears to have a huge offensive upside, with a goal and an assist tonight in the OT loss. eriksson, on the other hand, somehow turned over the puck behind the net, which led directly to a goal against... ugh.

further defensive notes, i am constantly surprised to see aucoin with regehr, and sarich with phaneuf. it seems kindof backwards to me, but i'm fairly confident that any pairing of those four will turn out well. it's the bottom two defenders that have me worried... i know hale ain't so great, eriksson is starting to look a lot like zyuzin, and pardy is a longshot at best --so i'm not sure who will be paired with warrener when the season starts...

additional notes:
-to all the people who booed the reveal of the new oilers jersey: i disagree entirely. if you ask me, their away shirt might be the best in the league... simple. clean. HOT.

-as much as i like the idea of lombardi centering tanguay and iginla, langkow certainly can get that job done soundly.

-godard is godawful. can't we just get primeau just do the punching ? at least he can hit the net and has some serious wheels on'im when he's not making other guys bleed. i would venture a guess that (without stats to prove it) godard saw about 4 minutes of icetime tonight. total waste of bench space...

-good effort tonight by both peters and germyn, though i would imagine darryl's buying them tickets to the quad cities currently... stevenson also played very little, while sutter and D.boyd sold me on at least another tryout.

onwards and upwards. tuesday v. the sharkies.


Kent W. said...

You forgot to mention that Eriksson's give-away was during a Flames PP...Zyuzinesque indeed.

I'm also waiting for Aucoin to show me SOMETHING noteworthy out there. Thus far, he's looked no better than mediocre.

Kipper was, as I've come to expect from his pre-season's, quite bad.

This was the best game I've Godard play. Aside from the play where he passed it to an Oiler in the Flames zone, leading to their 2nd goal. That's how bad he's been before now.

The kids look alright tonight. Boyd was the best, again, but none of them looked out of place.

CGYFlamesFan said...
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CGYFlamesFan said...

I recommend then go to NHL to find scores.

Not sure what's up with

Eriksson will be fine, he is a much stable player than Zyuzin. Bad give away yes but he's better then that.

Godard... sucks. But I think he'll get a spot due to 8 times vs Boogard

Gotta disagree about those Oilers practice jerseys... They're about as boring as Edmonton itself.

(Formerly ConroyToIginla)