Friday, April 2, 2010

update on backlund, by backlund

now that the word is out that mickis is a dirty blogger, i feel like i have to keep tabs on his day-to-day in order to "break the news" before everybody else gets to it... i have to say that, in addition to the continual strengthening his on-ice prowess, he is always the most excited guy in a flaming C; he's excited and grateful to be out there every game (and i wish that kind of enthusiasm would infect the other players). ps: "tagged and loaded" is effin' awesome.

this year's game!!

Yep it bang on Friday when it is this year's game against Colorado. After we won the last 2 games and Colorado lost two in a row so is it just 2 points and it can be just after Friday's game if we win it in the battle for the last playoff spot! I am really looking forward to the match and there will be a cruel war and traction on the ice.

So after my birthday we got a little injury that made me have to start playing again and it's been really good since I had the chance in addition to 3 matches where I'm not on top but otherwise I think it has gone quite well! Too bad that the team just could not find a longer winning streak, but we can hopefully start on a long now that it's only 5 games left in the season! Yes we must, in principle, to win every match if we are to stand any chance of reaching finals and in particular away game tomorrow against Colorado, which is this year's game! I am cruelly tagged and loaded for the match. So today there will be a quieter day with a bit lighter bike and ice bath and then becomes the 2-hour flight to Colorado and then tonight it will be to go out and eat dinner there and then tomorrow it is entirely focused on the match!

After the Colorado game we fly on to Chicago and trained there on Saturday and then play there on Sunday at 2 Central Time. After the game we fly home to Calgary again and then my mom and little sister Maddening be there waiting for me at the hotel for those flying in to Calgary on Sunday and land at 12 times of the day. It will be so fun to meet them and that they should see me play in the NHL is going to be awesome! Then, it will be extra fun to meet little Maddening again that I have not met since the 17th August when I left Sweden dear! Mom and Madde will be here until Tuesday 13 April, so they have time to see 2 home games and then they will fly to Vancouver and then the last and final match against grundserie Vancouver next Saturday, April 10. So I hope we can win the match and that means that we have gone to the finals!

Let's go for the playoffs!

shep: my swedish lesson for today, if you don't mind, would be a translation to "grundserie." many thanks.


JA said...

"I am really looking forward to the match and there will be a cruel war and traction on the ice"

I lulzed pretty hard.

Sarah said...

I'm with Justin, I loved "cruel war and traction on the ice." That should be the Flames new motto :D

walkinvisible said...

as per shep's swedish lessons previously:

"grymt = cruel, its like "fierce" or similar. an expression."

so what mickis is saying, there, is "there will be a fierce war"


shep said...

grundserie = regular season.