Wednesday, April 28, 2010

update on backlund by backlund

mickis gives us an idea about how rough travel is on an abbotsford team.... from his blog:

Division Finals

Tomorrow starts Round 2 of the 2010 AHL playoffs, and we meet with Hamilton Bulldogs after winning the Rochester Americans. It was a tough series that we managed to win but it took seven games for us to be able to pinch victory. We started the series well and won the first match but then lost three straight games and then it felt very heavy and driving, but we came back and became stronger as a team and lifted us and won their last three matches and thus the series! It was not the only game in terms of a tough series but also resmässigt. We began to play two matches away in Rochester and then after the second game we went bus 3 hours to Toronto, got there at 2 am and fell asleep at 3. At 5:30 bell rang again when it was time to wake up again and fly home to Abbotsford. The plane left at 7:15 and we made a stopover in Edmonton for about 50 min. The flight took about five hours in total. Then we played three home games and flew then back day after the 5th game and then it was the same trip again, sleep late, get up early (5:20) and fly at 7:15 and then land in Toronto at 16 because there is 3 hour time difference and after it was the three-hour bus and then we came to Rochester again! So there is no [luxury] not here in the AHL clean the backyard of the NHL, one can say where it is luxury o glamor.

After the 7th match which we won, we went in the bus just over 2.5 hours to come to Hamilton to play against us tomorrow. Travel becomes a bit easier now because Hamilton is just 45 minutes from Toronto. But we still played only two away games, tomorrow and Sunday and then three home games and then two away again if needed!

I look forward to playing this series when Hamilton was the second best team in the league this year so there will be a tough match series but I think we have a really good chance because we are a true warrior gang!

i'm not sure which part of the translation i prefer, "pinch victory" or "warrior gang."

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Flambe said...

I happen to see the boys at the Toronto airport as they were boarding the same economy westjet flight to Edmonton. They looked tired, and from Backlund's post, I can understand why. Go Heat!

Colin Stuart said...

Always look forward to seeing Backlund by Backlund! Another great read.

walkinvisible said...

it's kindof like mickis writes for htp.... except he doesn't even know it and could probably, somehow, sue me for it.