Monday, April 26, 2010

monday randoms: sans photos (sorry !)

it seems that the off season is gonna mean i have zero inspiration to write much over here, especially if i have to watch the dirty 'nucks win playoff rounds.... the only person i'll be happy for ? htp friend and commenter goad, who is a standup guy and just loves his team... i wish i felt right in posting the kickass photo of him, in full facepaint, slammin' garagebeers with his pops at the 7-2 win the other night.... anyhow, the canucks are the reigning champs of the overcelebration (having taken the title from a relatively tame-of-late ovechkin) with shane o'brien big-upping a fight win, and alex burrows cracking the figurative champagne after potting an empty netter....

- in keeping with this train of thought, mikeH did a little research on the LUU plate ordeal, and emailed me the following information, suggesting it's not THAT weird to see that series concentrated in a certain area of town:
"that series came out a couple of years ago and at the time, all of the plates probably came together at least as far as Calgary. I guess now they send all orders from a central shipping location in Edmonton, but back then they had a local Calgary distribution hub that would have got the entire 1,000 plates from that run.

Now each box contains 50 plates, so in theory they could have been spread around to 20 registries, but typically (are) order(ed) in groups of 500. That means that in terms of distribution, its likely that all the plates were given out in Calgary and area, and probably from 2 or 3 registry offices."
i don't know if i buy it.... after watching the nucks down the kings (or as goad calls'em, "the queens") with a string of outrageously strong third periods, i'm afraid of how far they might go....

- i never realized that hockey would edumacate me in geography but yesterday it did just that.... tsn aired a quote from darren helm, suggesting why he didn't want the detroit-phoenix series going to a game seven:
"Yeah, we need to finish it off as soon as possible. It's tough. That three-hour time change (to Phoenix) and the four-hour flight each way is rough. It's really important we have a big game Sunday. Get the win and then get some rest before the next round."
my initial reaction was that helm simply has no clue that arizona is in the mountain standard time zone, and therefore only TWO hours behind detroit (eastern daylight time). in researching my retort, i discovered that arizona does not recognize daylight savings. who knew ?!!? the whole stupid state is on mountain time in the winter, but then they don't spring ahead or fall back in the summer --putting them in line with pacific standard time in the summer....

i can't believe darren helm is smarter than me. ;)

- my xmas tree is still up

- i very nearly posted a backlund on backlund entry the other day, as there was a new report published over on his blog.... after translating it, however, it appears to have been written by his mom, and describes her trip to calgary/vancouver with mickis' sister madde.... other than suggesting that iggy and conny are really nice dudes, there's not much hockey-related info in there....

- lombo was getting some well-deserved kudos from the tsn panel yesterday during phoenix's statement 5-2 victory in detroit. lombo's killing it on the ice, looks sharp with the gio stubble, and is still writing the henhenhen on his stick.... <3> how effin' sharp does bryzgalov look ?!??!

- speaking of former calgary flames -----the ones who got the boot during darryl sutter's reign---- mike cammalleri is absolutely lighting it up for montreal. well, as much as anyone can possibly light it up for the habbies, i guess....

- and finally, my mum sent me this, so i thought i'd share:
"The first testicular guard, the "Cup", was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important."

i've had a headache for four days now, so this is all you get. i have a feeling it has a bit to do with the amount of net surfing this girl does....

have a great week !!!!

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 54]


Sarah said...

I never (EVER!) defend the Canucks, but what Burrows did last night was a bow and arrow, and it's in honour of Luc Bourdon, who was a good friend of Burrows. This came up last year during the playoffs as well. I'm willing to cut the guy a bit more slack for that kind of celebration than for any other.

That said, I am so sick of Canucks fans. So, so sick. Especially the ones who wouldn't even watch a game with me in October, and are now buying Kesler jerseys and talking about how much he deserves the Selke and won't hang out because they "never miss a game." I know there are a great fans here, too, but I see way more of the assholes, and I'm tired of them.

Sorry, rant, totally not directed at you...

Justin A said...

-Arizona is now as bad as the rectangle.
-WTF is your christmas tree still doing up? At this point, maybe you should just leave it up, because those things are a hassle to dissasemble.
-Bryz should win the Vezina. He won't though-Miller will take the East Coast bias to the bank.

mikeH said...

I think its really too bad you didn't let everyone know that you need to replace the lights on your Xmas tree because they burned out from over use. :)

My bro called last night, ostensibly to talk about family business, but I think really he just wanted to rub in the 'nucks win. I'm happy that Goad's happy, 'cause he's cool and all, but I'd rather see the Canucks bow out ASAP. And by the way, I didn't watch the game at all, so that superstition is out the door.

Oh, and thanks for letting me in on the "Fat Elvis" milkshake at Boogies, I can't wait to check it out. Of course, you know that "I wanna die in Memphis like Elvis..." :)

Goad said...

Thank you Sarah for clarifying the Burrows/Bourdon salute for our flatland friends.I was preparing a nasty flame but was pleased to see the matter had been dealt with.
On the other note in your post Sarah, it is entirely possible you are just hanging out with assholes. Thier Canuck fan bandwagon status may have no bearing on this fact. Just a thought.
Shane O'Brian is a goof. But with our injury troubles on the back end, goof status gets you top 4 minutes on the Canucks blueline. Shane O'Brian could have jumped on the ref's back, ridden him like pony to the queens bench, whip out his rod and tackle, play himself like guitar and STILL seen considerable minutes in game 6.

Sarah said...

LOL, Goad. Maybe I am just hanging with assholes. And working with them. And listening to them call into the radio. I just...I get that people who don't pay much attention to sports during the regular season watch during the playoffs, but I don't get people who can't name more than four guys on the roster in October but fly double car flags in the first round of the playoffs ;)

Also, I am having a hard time figuring this one out. Seems a bit...premature, to me.

walkinvisible said...

if o'brian enacted that scene, i would actually respect the mofo... ;)

ps: i saw another LUU plate today. couldn't get the camera out in time to snap a pic but it was out there.