Sunday, April 11, 2010

monday randoms: so i guess the season's over *yawn*

- no news is not good news around these parts, since (in my opinion) every day that sutter(s) is still at the helm kinda bugs me.... in saying that, nothing bugs me like the pink jersey.... except for when one of my favorite player's sisters shows up at the rink with one. *shudder*

- so, the season's over, the flames shit the bed and vancouver won the conference... it's a pretty disgusting time at the dome. i wonder if the hitmen get knocked out in the next days (if they haven't already, i'm not really paying attention), whether ken king will be looking for a new job. rumour has it that his insistance on keeping tabs on all of the goings-on around the dome ---from ownership this-and-thats right down to popcorn-making--- is starting to piss everyone off.... too bad the org is making a fuckton™ of money cause i don't imagine he's going anywhere.

- evander kane lived up to his given name and absolutely rocked matt cooke's world last night... i know i'm late to the game but i thought i'd weigh in (pun intended): it's kindof a scary set of punches to the head of one of the nhl's most hated. don waddell would be an idiot to trade him but i bet he could have his pick of boston players right now if he was willing to deal the kid.... keep your eyes on the jersey fouls over at puckdaddy ----i presume we'll see a boatload of #19s show up at the mellon centre any second now. there isn't currently one on the roster so why not ?

-iggy's taking a lot of heat these days and came out and said he wants to stay. true or not, it is what the media training tells a player he HAS to say in such situations.... unless your name is patrick roy. or chris pronger.

-yellowknife is kinda cool, except there's no bars open on sundays (boston pizza excepted). actually, pretty much nothing is open on sundays... but i ate here and it was amazing. another thing i learned about the NWT is that if you try to drive there from calgary, you have to cross the mackenzie river between enterprise and fort providence.... in the winter there's an ice bridge, and in the summer there's a ferry.... then (right about this time of year) they shut the road down but the ferry hasn't started yet.... i think it looks a bit like this. two of my crew drove across that mofo.

i want to write more but i can't right now.
work. sleep.



mikeH said...

I haven't been paying attention either, but apparently the Hitmen just took their current series 4-2 last night and are moving on. I totally didn't hear anything about it over the din of Flames fans sobbing.

Report online is that there is a presser this afternoon with KK and Daz both appearing. Here's where I heard it: Vicki Hall.

AdamH said...

Thanks WI. I'll keep you in my favourites and check back now and again.

Hope next year we can have a big West showdown for one and two, Van and Cal. Maybe I'll git learned about this stuff and watch more hockey too!

shep said...

what kind of number is 60 anyway? weird.

the other pic looks just like ice road truckers!!1 <3

walkinvisible said...

i wonder if mickis won't take a new (lower) number next year.

awildermode said...

i like that 'fuckton' is tradmarked

Arik said...

I think if I were a hockey player I'd pick the most random number. Like 79. No particular reason other than to be ornery.

mikeH said...

@awildermode - Fuckton(tm) is awesome, but I think the delorean is cooler still. Drive that stainless beauty up here for Stampede. How cool would it look with a set of longhorns on the grille?